Winter 2020 Exhibition




    Welcome to my first online exhibition.  It seems like a strange way to do it, but given these uncertain times we are in, this made the most sense.  Also, no pants required! If you have any questions regarding the work, the process, or how to purchase, please don't hesitate to ask.


    In March of this year many things changed for all of us.  Fortunately for myself, very little had changed. I continued to work, as usual, and I continued to paint.  When the lock-down occurred and the galleries closed, my livelihood took a turn for the interesting.  Fortunately, during the pandemic, I had plenty of time to reflect on a great deal of things.  I found myself asking lots of questions about myself and my art.  What do I want to do?.. Why am I doing it?.. and what do I want to accomplish?


    I have spend almost 20 years painting the landscape, 6 years exploring abstraction and 5 figuring out how to, somehow, incorporate my love of science fiction into what I do.  The work below is a grouping of paintings dealing, mainly, with the materials and its application.  I've spent years moving paint around on a palette and now, that the vary act of painting has become the subject of my work.  It has been a struggle to sit down without a sketch or a reference.  I've forced myself to accept the paint and the outcomes for what they are.  They are not always what I plan but I've learned to appreciate the subtle nuances and "mistakes" that are created.  There have been no palettes with this work... all the paint is put directly on the painting surface and manipulated into something that might resemble a landscape, a pile of paint or maybe some sort of other world.


    In many ways these works have provided me with the inspiration I need to create subsequent works. I hope you can see these for what they are... paint on a panel... but potentially, wherever your imagination takes you.


    Jamie M.K.Jardine