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October 2017

Welcome to the October newsletter. As I mentioned last month, I had a desire to explore colour... and I did. From an artist's point of view this was a big step for me. Not because it was warranted but rather it was a challenge to break free from some old habits and comforts. In addition, the use of acrylics was a welcome change. September saw the completion of 3 large canvases and this month will see a continuation of colour.


Currently, I have started a large poppy painting (truth be told, I have a blank canvas on the easel because I have to write this newsletter first). I will tell you more about the piece in next months newsletter and our idea for a fundraiser as well.

Tomorrow we are taking the girls to Tobermory for the day to visit Circle Arts. This is a great art gallery that I have been showing at for the last 3 years. I am also very excited for the girls to witness the fall colours along the way. I forsee this being a bit of a working trip as well.

In two weeks Krista and I will set up at our third and final comic con of the year. After many requests we have finally added the Vader image to our line up of prints. Thank you for being so patient. If you are interested in one of these prints but are unable to make it to the comic con feel free to message me and we will arrange to get one to you. We will be at London Comic Con October 13th - 15th at the Western Fair Progress Building.


Krista and I are excited to announce our first annual Christmas open house. This is something we have wanted to do for many years and have finally hammered out some of the details. We hope you can all make it the weekend of Nov 25-26. We will keep our doors open from 10-5 ( both days ) so you can come by at your convenience and share a little Christmas cheer while checking out the studio and a few new works. We will have treats and drinks and maybe a little Bing Crosby on the radio...

Look for the next newsletter in November.


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