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April 2018

April means The London Artists' Studio Tour! The tour takes runs the weekend of April 20th-22nd and has over 40 local artists participating. This will be my 4th year in the tour and Krista, the girls and I are pretty excited to open our doors to the public once again.

There were a few change of plans (on my end) this year. According to the tour booklet, I was going to have many floral pieces on display. As usual, my focus shifted and I began work on some large abstract pieces instead. From there I moved on to a completely new body of work... Minimalism. Who knew? I sure as hell didn't! Anyway, it has turned into a welcome focus for me and I will be talking more about it during that weekend.

As always there will be an opening reception on the Friday evening and we do hope you can join us. Normally our friend Kelvin Enns provides the music but I believe he will be with the Ottawa Symphony that evening. Instead we have decided to have a nice low key evening of art and conversation. On Saturday and Sunday I will be giving talks at 12:00 and 4:00. I will be discussing my shift from the Canadian landscape to the minimalist work I am currently working on and why I may have made some of those shifts.

It's a very relaxing atmosphere here at the Jardine homestead and we hope you can come by, look at the new art, and stay for some treats and coffee (and I won't even discourage you from purchasing something should it catch your eye).

20" x 20" Oil on oil paper

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