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Summer 2018

Well this summer has proven to be very busy for both business and pleasure. We traveled north with our girls for about a week and stayed in a cool little cabin at Lighthouse Landing. It is a camp just north of Huntsville, on Lake Cecebe, devoted to helping Autistic children and their families. In the off season they open the cabins to the public and I highly recommend checking them out. Much of our days were spent in the water or in a canoe. We were only minutes from many great painting spots so I was able to take the girls on a few hikes. We found a few locations and some that I've painted previously which I thoroughly enjoy (not sure they did though). The subtle changes over the years keep me wanting to go back. I was able to get quite a few small panels done and have continued to work on some of those scenes in the past few weeks. We returned north for a friends wedding in late July and found a few painting spots I'd like to return to. Aside from that we have been hanging out with the girls and enjoying whats left of the break.

8" x 10" $250

more available in the studio


The Fall always feels like a new year for me... the girls are back in school and my work day is fairly uninterrupted again. It's the time of year I can reflect over some of the ideas I have had and put some of them into action. This year Krista will also be heading back to school which will be another big change in the house.

It's Comic Con season again and I have begun preparations for two local Cons in September and October. Although I will be continuing with my northern subjects for a few more months, the studio will begin to look like a studio far far away. I have veered slight away from robots and am leaning towards some more spacey themes. As a child outer space was my thing and I have taken a few steps towards returning to that frame of mind. Stay tuned for more on that.

The Fall also brings us to my inventory time of year. The following pieces are currently in the studio. All works are available and will also be on display at our 2nd annual Christmas Show. This year our show will be held on November 24th and 25th at our home. A reminder or two will go out between now and then.

I hope you have had a great summer and look forward to seeing you all. Remember you are always welcome to visit us and the studio if you are ever in the neighbourhood.


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