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New year... New decade... New work

Here we are 4 days into the new year and look at me... getting my monthly newsletter done. Happy New Year to you all! This year you can expect a few changes from the past year. First, I will do my best to get a newsletter out to you each month which will include any new projects I am working on as well as a list of available work. You will notice a few changes to the website as well... nothing major, just a few visual changes and some streamlining.

This year I will be concentrating on Abstraction. I have worked in this genre in the past but this year I am challenging myself to focus on medium and application for more than just a few weeks. This process may see the inclusion of landscapes and perhaps the odd robot but more importantly, I plan to see this through until the spring. By the time the warmer weather arrives, I should be close to finishing up my first public art exhibition. This will be held in August at the St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre. If all goes as planned that exhibition should be a good reflection of what I am starting now.

All the best to you in 2020!

Available work for December 2019-January 2020

This newest body of work relies a great deal on instinct. I've spent much of my career planning and putting into practice what I have learned. In the past few months I have got a great deal of pleasure watching these pieces unfold. They are certainly not without their own challenges but the biggest challenge, for me, has been acceptance. Painting for paints sake... appreciating the medium and all its' characteristics. The way the paint falls into place is of greater importance to me now. Letting it be and allowing it to exist as it is, is a welcome hurdle. These pieces force me to be patient. Once I have lived with them they start to give back... in their gestures and subtitles.

A studio visit can be arranged by calling me at 519 520 8639

48"x60" acrylic on canvas

30"x30" acrylic on canvas

12"x12" acrylic on wooden support

12"x12" acrylic on wooden support

36"x36" acrylic on wooden support

36"x36" acrylic on wooden support

48"x36" acrylic on wooden support

36"x36" acrylic on wooden support

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